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Toshio Suzuki




We established our company in Kamakura City in 1993.
Since then we have been putting an emphasis on the development of our own brand 3T products of various kinds. In December, 1998, we opened Yamanashi office which has a big warehouse with a show room occupying the area of 750 square meters at the present site in Kofu City. The traditional local industry of Kofu is jewelry industry. Therefore, our Yamanashi office, making use of its geographical conditions, has been and is playing important roles in our company both as an information dispatching base and as a shipping one to all over Japan.

In May 2002, with our business expanding, we moved the head office and the show room to Fujisawa City.
And now, in Kanagawa, SUZUHO is the only company that deals in machines, tools and equipment for jewelry making. As "a trading, sales company and brand maker"SUZUHO continues expanding its market widely both in Japan and overseas. SUZUHO is the company which never stops growing.

Under our corporate philosophy that ”Our utmost mission is to provide a lot of customers with world excellent machines, tools, equipment and their service incessantly.”, SUZUHO generates new waves that will always lead jewelry making industry. This characteristic has been attained by always developing the performance required in the coming next age ourselves, as well as by introducing domestic and foreign new technology quickly. SUZUHO adopts sky blue color as its corporate color. This is because Fujisawa City where the head office of SUZUHO is located is in the bright seacost area called Shonan.
We'd like to pursue and explore the ocean of infinite possibility with you. For that purpose, from Shonan, a place of scenic beauty, we will provide you with unique products and the information that will be of great help to you in making jewelry, products of precious metal, and their related products.
We believe it is our mission.

Shichirigahama beach in Kanagawa-Ken,Japan

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