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Company Information

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Company Profile
Tokyo Offfice
Yamanashi Offfice
Kagurazaka rab-R
SUZUHO Co., Ltd.

The following is the outline of SUZUHO.

Company name   SUZUHO Co., Ltd.
Head Office  

3-14-34 PLUS-ONE Bld.2F, Kamiosaki,Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,
141-0021, JAPAN

tel. 81-3-6859-0085 / fax. 81-3-6859-0086

E-mail / info@suzuho.com

Tokyo Office  

1F,1-25-3, Higashiueno, Taitouku, Tokyo, 110-0015 JAPAN

tel. 81-3-6803-2080 / fax. 81-3-6803-2081

E-mail / infotokyo@suzuho.com

Yamanashi Office  

1-7-16, Satoyoshi, Kofu-city, Yamanashi, 400-0822 JAPAN

tel. 81-55-228-5538 / fax. 81-55-228-5539

E-mail / yamanashi@suzuho.com

Website   http://www.suzuho.com
Established   May 1996
Capital   10,000,000 yen(at end Feb. 2008)
Directors   Chairman  Toshio Suzuki
    President and
Representative DirectorTatsuki Suzuki
    Managing DirectorsToshinobu Suzuki
Annual turnover   600 million Yen ( March 2009)
Main Financing Bank   Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank, Ltd Fujisawa Branch
The Miura-Fujisawa Shinkin Bank
Main Supplier   Rofin Baasel Japan Co., Ltd.
Envisiontec GmbH
ACI Laser GmbH

※and Companies (about 60) of manufactures equipment concerning ornament(jewelry)
In Japan and Overseas.


Kuwayama Corporation
IMACBC Co., Ltd.
Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry
TSUTSUMI Jewelry Co,. Ltd.

※Other several hundreds of companies in jewelry industry

Business Activities   House brand product [3T] / product planning / development / production / wholesale / retail
Importing and exporting of related machines

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